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Open Infrastructure Days Mexico edition will be take place on Monday August 15th.

Open Infrastructure Days Mexico Format

Event will be 100% online and 100% free, interactions will be done by real-time chat between speakers and participants, be ready to make and answer questions, share links or even laboratory environments accesses, please always have the Code of conduct in mind.


Presentations videos will be prerecorded and shared by the time scheduled, chat rooms will stay open from the beginning of the event and remain open until eternity. We don't need professional setups, just make sure you can record yourself with the background pointing to a wall or something without movement and get a good audio quality, reach out if you have questions or concerns.

Chat rooms

We will share a slack invite for all the participants a day before the event opening to be ready to interact and share opinions and questions.

Code of conduct

Please see Code of conduct section.


Send us an e-mail to hello@openinfradays.mx